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How to deal with the DL

This is my weekly article from ESPN Insider.

On average, fantasy owners had about five players on the disabled list at any one time during the 2017 season. For some particularly snake-bitten clubs, it was not unusual to have as many as 10 on the shelf. And thanks to the...

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What to expect here in 2018

It’s been an exciting few weeks in baseball, what with Giancarlo Stanton lining up his appearances on late night TV and Shohei Ohtani being fitted with mouse ears. Bum elbow? Ha!

Here at, I’ve been spending a bunch of time...

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2024 Annual Disclosure Statement

An Op-Ed columnist in my local paper once wrote a piece that she called her Annual Disclosure Statement. She said, “I have regular readers and new readers, but I can’t assume that everyone knows where I stand on the...

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The Ethics of Tanking

In many leagues, free agents are awarded to teams in reverse order of the standings. This is intended to promote some measure of parity during the season and keep all teams engaged.

The practice is common and helps a league's bottom-dwellers stay competitive despite encountering bad luck, particularly if...

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Foraging for Florida Fandom, Part 7


The goal of my journey was an attempt to figure out why First Data Field in Port St. Lucie, FL was a bustling center of activity in March and a cavernous sinkhole in April. Was it just the downgrade from...

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Foraging for Florida Fandom, Part 6

Sunday, May 21 Clearwater Threshers at Lakeland Flying Tigers (Phillies at Tigers)

The final stop on my tour was the opposite end of the home-and-home series from the previous night’s game. Driving up I-4, I made good time, arriving just...

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Foraging for Florida Fandom, Part 5

Sunday, May 21

This was my most challenging travel day as I was going to try to catch two games, both with 1:00pm start times and 40 miles apart. I figured I could see the first few innings in Tampa, leave...

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Foraging for Florida Fandom, Part 4

Saturday, May 20 Lakeland Flying Tigers at Clearwater Threshers (Tigers at Phillies)

The 90-minute drive to Clearwater was mostly uneventful, though I always do enjoy the magnificent views crossing over Tampa Bay on the Sunshine Skyway Bridge. As I turned onto...

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Foraging for Florida Fandom, Part 3

Saturday, May 20

My two stops this day took me to Port Charlotte and Clearwater. These parks were 97 miles apart, but I benefited from a 3:05pm start time for the early game. I figured I could stay for most of that contest before heading north for the 6:15pm game...

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Foraging for Florida Fandom, Part 2

Friday, May 19 Bradenton Marauders at Fort Myers Miracle (Pirates at Twins)

After dropping my wife off at Fort Lauderdale airport at 4:30pm, I zoomed across Alligator Alley to try to make a 6:30pm start time in Fort Myers, on...

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