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  1. The BABS Project: Uncovering the Truth About Winning at Fantasy Baseball: This PDF eBook is the core of the Broad Assessment Balance Sheet. It represents a paradigm shift in player evaluation and roster construction, and may change your way of thinking about this game.
  2. BABS Project updates and ongoing analysis:  You’ll get 1-3 articles per week that dig deeper.
  3. BABS ratings, asset group rankings and cheat sheets for 2019 drafts: The foundation of your draft efforts, updated regularly through the end of March.
  4. Custom reports from the BABS Database: If you are in an AL/NL-only league, want lists sorted alphabetically, by ADP or position, the database can meet your needs.
  5. Members-only message boards: We have a growing community of fantasy leaguers, analysts and BABSians. Ask questions, offer insights, vent – it’s your neighborhood.
  6. BABS ratings for RotoLab software: The demand for a BABS draft application has reached the best software on the market. Once you try it, you’ll never go back. (Software sold separately.)
  7. BABS minor league ratings: To provide additional insight into the deeper ends of the player pool, we have BABS ratings for nearly every Double-A and Triple-A player from 2018.
  8. BABS Baseball leagues: We’ve launched a new fantasy format that incorporates the best parts of BABS while keeping a pulse on the changing baseball environment. You can sign up here; the template is then set up for you at
  9. Commentary, polls, contests and more: More ways to keep you involved!

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