Build your optimal draft day roster with BABS Draft Game Plan 2024

Ron Shandler’s ground-breaking Broad Assessment Balance Sheet (BABS) has been creating thousands of fantasy winners since 2015.    Here is what you get with the BABS Draft Game Plan suite of reports
  1. BABS ratings, asset group rankings and cheat sheets for 2024 drafts — for virtually all league formats.
  2. The FISH List, which integrates each player’s skills profile and his ADP into a single, optimal draft ranking.
  3. Custom reports from the BABS Database: If you are in an AL/NL-only league, want lists sorted alphabetically, by ADP or position, the database can meet your needs.
  4. Core Player Report, a market analysis of the top 60/$20+ players.
  5. Skills/Risk Market Analysis identifies the best/worst skills, and the safest/riskiest players to draft in each round/dollar tier.
  6. End Game Target Report identifies the highest-skilled players projected for little playing time, those who could provide profit if they rise in the depth chart.
  7. Positional Market Analysis, are positional skills/risk depth charts.
  8. BABS ratings for RotoLab software: Run your BABS draft with the best software on the market. (Only members get the unlock key. Software sold separately.)

We have discontinued our $19.95 subscription plans. All remaining subscriptions will be canceled on their expiration date or December 31, 2024, whichever is later. To access the 2024 BABS Draft Game Plan, purchase individual reports here for $9.95.