Build your optimal draft day roster with BABS Game Plan 2022

BABS Game Plan 2022 gets you all this:
  1. BABS ratings, asset group rankings and cheat sheets for 2022 drafts: The foundation of your draft efforts — four updates through the end of March.
  2. The FISH List, which integrates each player’s skills profile and his ADP into a single, optimal draft ranking.
  3. Dozens of articles that uncover your best targets and players to avoid.
  4. Custom reports from the BABS Database: If you are in an AL/NL-only league, want lists sorted alphabetically, by ADP or position, the database can meet your needs.
  5. Asset group analyses: A review of the deeper skills profiles and how the marketplace is handing you prime profit opportunities.
  6. Strategies for the upcoming season: BABS puts a unique spin on how you should approach auctions, snake drafts, H2H, salary cap and best ball competitions in 2022.
  7. Mailbags: Ask your questions — We’ll select the most interesting posers for insightful answers.
  8. Members-only message boards: It’s your community of really smart BABSians. Ask questions, offer insights, vent – it’s your neighborhood.
  9. BABS ratings for RotoLab software: Run your BABS draft with the best software on the market. Once you try it, you’ll never go back. (Only members get the unlock key. Software sold separately.)
  10. BABS minor league coverage: Ratings for nearly every Double-A and Triple-A player, and articles showing how to use BABS to prospect for tomorrow’s stars.
  11. BABS Baseball leagues: This innovative Rotisserie-style format offers 10-team leagues with 50-man rosters and BABS-relevant categories.

PRELIMINARY SCHEDULE (subject to change)

Late January: Sneak Peek

  • FREE! “The BABS Project” PDF eBook provides a foundation for your draft prep. Updated for 2022.
  • What’s new with BABS
  • Tutorials for BABS database, spreadsheet and RotoLab
  • BABS database and spreadsheet preview
  • BABS minor league page debuts, including 2021 MLEs
  • Reader forum reopens
  • BABS Baseball League intro and signups

February 10: Setting the BABS Foundation

  • Database, spreadsheet and RotoLab launch with complete Major League BABS ratings
  • Positional analyses (overview, CA, 1B, 3B, 2B, SS, OF, SP, RP, Multi-position gems)
  • The FISH List
  • Setting a risk budget with BABS new Liability Costs
  • Latest news, including CBA update
  • Reader forum
  • Mailbag

February 24: BABS Spotlight Players

  • Database and spreadsheet update
  • Latest news, including BABS’ take on the injury spike, more
  • Best BABS targets and players to pass on
  • High risk players going far too high
  • Market playing time inefficiencies
  • Nouveau elite, bums and surprise stars
  • Rookie crop with a BABS lens
  • Asset group analyses
  • Reader forum
  • Mailbag

March 10: BABS Game Strategies

  • Database and spreadsheet update
  • Snake draft strategies for the upcoming season
  • Auction strategies for the upcoming season
  • Best ball strategies for the upcoming season
  • Strategies for other formats
  • Asset group analyses
  • BABS Baseball Leagues signup deadline
  • Reader forum
  • Mailbag

March 24: BABS Final Update (may be delayed if there is a work stoppage)

  • Database and spreadsheet update
  • Spring training news update
  • High-skilled No-timers
  • Best BABS targets update
  • 2022 Longshot Caucus
  • How to use BABS during the season
  • Reader forum
  • Mailbag

In-Season: While the primary BABS content ends on Opening Day, there will be several database updates during the season.

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