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Foraging for Florida Fandom, Part 1

About 10 years ago, I took a tour of the Appalachian League and wrote about it for Since I had grown up around major league baseball all my life, I always wondered what the spectator experience was like in the...

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The Hot Dog Scale

This article is about an important topic in “real” baseball. As many of you know, with baseball being both my hobby and my job, I manage to maintain my fandom by compartmentalizing fantasy analysis and the real game, and working hard...

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READER SURVEY: Responses to your comments

Your survey comments are insightful and help shape the content on this site. Rather than have those comments just sit in a file on my computer, I thought it might benefit everyone to take a peek behind the curtain. In this way, you can see how others view BABS and...

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Tales from the Ticket Window

A year ago February, I posted this note to my Facebook wall: “Susan Shandler just got a job with the Mets. She’s working the VIP Will Call ticket window during spring training and gets in to watch the last few innings of each...

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A BABS-eye View of the 2017 Pennant Races

I hate trying to predict which teams are going to win. Opening Day is just a starting point for a season full of activity, so to project what October will look like based on today’s rosters is pointless.

But here’s the thing… BABS...

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The changing game and the 10-day DL

This year, members have access to all the columns I write for ESPN Insider. They appear here every Thursday or Friday. Many will include a BABS-relevant postscript. Enjoy.

Over the past three decades, changes in the real game have had slow but subtle effects on the fantasy game. These changes...

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How important is draft prep?

This year, members have access to all the columns I write for ESPN Insider. They appear here every Friday. Many will include a BABS-relevant postscript. Enjoy.

If you're like most serious fantasy leaguers this month, you are probably scouring websites, filtering news, downloading data, crunching numbers, ranking players, making...

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Wondering who BABS is?

Finally! After more than a year of reading about her, learning about what makes her tick and secretly lusting after her, we all finally get the chance to MEET her!

Sort of.

I went a little crazy this month and decided to have...

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New Braves stadium

An early look at 2017

During these apparently quiet off-season periods, it’s easy to lose sight of how much work is being done behind the scenes at baseball information sites. I’ve been busy working on The BABS Project ebook and laying the foundation for 2017 content here on...

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Living the Ultimate Fantasy

When fantasy baseball started, it was all about control. It was all about the prospect of making better decisions than Major League general managers. It was about being able to pull the on-field strings better than field managers. We were hell-bent on proving that we could assemble a winning ballclub...

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