How is BABSbaseball.com related to BaseballHQ.com and RonShandler.com?

BaseballHQ.com is where Ron Shandler’s work started and it remains a comprehensive baseball analysis source with daily updates and interactive tools, staffed by dozens of writers and analysts. BABSbaseball.com is primarily geared towards draft prep, expanding on concepts started by Ron at BHQ, and co-written with a quartet of top industry analysts. Consider BABS’ draft approach as a next-level system for optimized roster-building. BHQ promotes their Mayberry Method. BABS takes Mayberry up a notch.

RonShandler.com is currently a portal for Ron’s career projects.

What does membership to BABSbaseball.com buy me?

It starts with a free copy of “The BABS Project 3.0,” a 100+ page PDF publication that describes the concept of the Broad Assessment Balance Sheet (BABS), which drives the fantasy content on the site. Membership then gives you access to downloadable data files, the BABS player database, cheat sheets, message board, analyses and more for the upcoming draft season. Full details here.

There is a lot here. Where do I start?

Best to start with perusing “The BABS Project 3.0” eBook, which is accessible from the home page. The reports and cheat sheets generated by the database and the master spreadsheet will look wrong to you without a basic understanding of how BABS works. Chapters 1, 2 and 3 go into the philosophy of why we need BABS, then the rest of the book gets into the nuts and bolts. Yes, it will take a little time to get up to speed. Guaranteed it is worth the effort. Feel free to use the Member Forums to ask questions.

How often do you post new content?

Unlike other sites that post new content daily, there are four mega-posts in February and March, containing dozens of links. We’ve been likening it to moving from network TV (where you have to wait for content according to their schedule) to a Netflix model (where we publish it all at once and you can binge-read). Four times.

Do you publish content all season long?

Research has shown that the Broad Assessment Balance Sheet’s greatest value is derived from long-view analysis, so we have positioned it exclusively as a draft prep tool. Nearly all of our content is published in the first three months of the year. There are database updates published 2-3 times during the season, however, the error bars from those small samples are far too wide so they have limited utility.

Can BABS help me in my league?

The short answer is yes. While much of the content and promotional material tends to focus on Rotisserie draft leagues, BABS works for just about any format since the system is primarily skills-based. Auction leagues? Yes. Points leagues? Yes. Head-to-head? Yes. Sim leagues? Yes. Book 3 of “The BABS Project 3.0” includes chapters specifically geared to molding BABS to fit your league’s needs.

My overall take is that it BABS is TOO COMPLICATED for the average fantasy baseball devotee.  I’ll have to stick to the more straightforward information.

BABS is not complicated at all. Some of our readers share the reasons why BABS is about the simplest, most intuitive system available.

How do I sign up to become a member of BABSbaseball.com and have access to the eBook?

To become a member of this site, click on the orange SIGNUP button on the sidebar. Or just click REGISTER NOW. The eBook is free whether you sign up or not.

Can I see some sample content?

The best view of sample content is just to read the eBook. It’s free and provides the caliber of content reflected in the BABSbaseball.com draft materials, and includes sample cheat sheets. We also include a handful of free links in each update.

How do I update my credit card?

All memberships are processed through PayPal.com. You can maintain your payment information on that website.

My membership used to be renewed automatically each year. Has that stopped?

Yes. In mid-2022, we decided to discontinue the auto-renewal program. You will now receive emails in advance of your renewal date and you can re-up at that time, on the REGISTRATION PAGE.