Baseball is back… here is what to expect

Welcome back to 2020. It’s nice to know that there is a path to a 60-game season, however, the COVID cloud is a stark reminder that nothing is certain yet. Still, BABS needs to assess what 60 games means. I have received several emails from readers asking whether BABS will even work in such a short season. Here is the answer to that question (free).

Once we get a handle on how playing time might be distributed (and to a lesser extent, any possible changes to skills ratings), we’ll publish an update to the BABS database and spreadsheet. The tentative date for this update is Friday, July 17. The plan is to publish that update along with an analysis of the major changes since March.

For some of you, this may be a late date for any 2020 drafts and re-drafts. With so many moving pieces, health risks and the statistical variability inherent in the BABS system, it is even more important for us to analyze performance using the most updated information available. If we can publish sooner, we will. Keep an eye out to your email for the BABSBulletin for any updates.

The below is from the March 18 update. (* Asterisked links are for members only.)


*How to navigate BABS in these changing times
*Spring training developments that may or may not matter by the time games resume
*High-skilled part/no-timers
*The BABS 2020 Longshot Caucus
*BABS in the experts leagues

Asset Group Analyses
How the marketplace is ranking players:
*March 18 Report: Extreme single-asset hitters
Where to find holds and future saves
*March 4: (PW,a), (PW), (AV), (ER,k), (e,KK)
*February 19: (PW,AV), (p,AV), (p,a), (SB,AV), (e,k), (ER,K+,SV)

Player History Scans
Trend analyses of key players:
*March 4 Report
*February 19 Report
SAMPLE (Jose Ramirez)

Game Strategies
*Snake drafting, Pocket Aces and BABS
*Sample auction strategy
*Points league strategies and BABS
*Salary cap contest strategy

Spotlight players
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Best BABS Targets
*Triple Asset Players
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*Players to Pass On
*High Risk Players Going Far Too High

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Minor League BABS Scouting
*Major league equivalent BABS ratings for 2019 minor leaguers (Class AA and AAA players).


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Book 3 – BABS in practice

Looking ahead  
During a normal season, we typically publish an update to the database and spreadsheet several times during the year. However, BABS is primarily a draft-prep program because it relies on long-view analysis. Given the shortness of the season and the likely wide spreading of playing time to more players, any in-season small-sample update would be mostly pointless, unfortunately. As such, there will be no in-season updates in 2020.

Hopefully, we’ll have some more normality in 2021.

Have a great 2020 season. Yes, it will be different, but everyone will be facing the same challenges. Since we’ll all be competing on a level playing field, I consider 2020 to be a totally valid fantasy season. Good luck.

6 thoughts on “Baseball is back… here is what to expect

  1. Richard McCormick

    Ron I totally understand all that you stated about needing to have as much detailed information as possible before publishing an update for the 60 game season. However if its at all possible many of us will have earlier redrafts and auctions so any way that you can publish an update a little sooner that July 17 would be greatly appreciated

    1. shandler Post author

      I will be running the initial update earlier in the week and sending it out to the writers for their review and analyses. If those are ready earlier, I’ll publish them earlier. But there are far too many variables to consider to push it up any further.

  2. Mark Gaudino

    Ron, been a long time disciple since the early days of BBHQ and you lived in VA. I just wish you could have made an initial “best guess”. I am drafting tonight 11 July 2020 and, by the looks of things, will be using and trying to adjust information that is from 17 March 2020. Oh well, at times like this I wish baseball had just cancelled the whole darn thing.

  3. Steve Good

    Still shooting for the 17th for updated database?? I draft on the 18th…

    1. shandler Post author

      The database and spreadsheet are update now. Analyses coming later tonight.

      1. Steve Good

        Great. Thanks!! Have to do an auto draft so massaging the rankings now…

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