2021 BABS Game Plan 4 – Final Update

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In our final update, our focus is on spring training developments that may have affected our earlier expectations. We throw out some more players to target, especially those at the very bottom of the player pool. Doug, Pat and I will conduct our annual Longshot Caucus, I’ll share some expert league results and we’ll look ahead to BABS during the regular season. Plus, as always, updates to the database, spreadsheet and FISH List. Some important notes are here.

And there you have it. BABS 2021, as baked as she can hope to be. Good luck in your drafts.

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Final Update
*Spring training update – Batters
*Spring training update – Pitchers
*High-skilled part/no-timers
*2021 Longshot Caucus
*BABS perspectives update
*BABS in the experts leagues
*How to use BABS during the season
*Some final notes from Ron

Game Strategy
*Snake draft strategy
*Auction draft strategy
*Points league strategy
*Salary cap game strategy
*A 2021 path to LIMA, and LISA
*Mock Draft Solitaire

Asset Group Analyses
Profit opportunities that the marketplace is giving us:
March 10 Update – (*s,AV), (*e,KK), (*p,AV), (*e,k), (*p,a)
February 24 Update – (*PW,AV), (*ER,KK), (*P+), (*PW,a)

Player History Scans
Trend analyses of key players:
*March 10 Update (Abreu, Arenado, Bellinger, Fried, Lamet, Martinez, Mondesi, Ozuna, Snell, Voit)
*February 24 Update (Bassitt, Bell, Cruz, Gonzales, Keuchel, Meadows, Myers, Nola, Sanchez, Tucker)
SAMPLE (Ketel Marte)

Spotlight Players 
*Best BABS Targets
*Players to Pass On
*Unmatched Twins
*High Risk Players Going Too High
*Playing Time and the inefficient marketplace
*Deeeep Sleepers

Positional analyses of the talent pool
*Overview | *Catcher | *First base | *Second base | *Third base | *Shortstop | *Outfield | *Starting pitcher | *Relief pitcher


*Report Tutorial | Variables Cheat Sheet (PDF)

BABS Database 
Complete Major League BABS ratings, current and historical, with sorts and filters
*DatabaseReport Key

BABS Draft Suite
Your draft aids — cheat sheets, software support
*Master Spreadsheet | *RotoLab | ADPs from NFBCBlank roster grid

The FISH List
A new tool that integrates BABS ratings into the marketplace
*Current FISH List | *The FISH List, Take 2  | FISH List Reveals Effective Strategy | *Introducing the FISH List

Minor League BABS Scouting
*Major league equivalent BABS ratings for 2019 minor leaguers (Class AA and AAA players).


A fantasy competition based on BABS philosophies. 10-team leagues, 50-man rosters.

*March 24 | *March 10 | *February 24 | *February 10

Reader forums
It’s your community of really smart BABSians. Ask questions, offer insights, vent – it’s your neighborhood. *Enter here


The BABS Project 3.0 (FREE PDF files)
Chapter listing
Book 1 – Why we need a new system
Book 2 – The Broad Assessment Balance Sheet
Book 3 – BABS in practice

Looking ahead  

Research has shown that the Broad Assessment Balance Sheet’s value is exclusively as a draft prep tool. As such, our primary coverage ends here. I have tentatively planned perhaps 1-3 database updates during the season, but given their limited utility — small sample error bars are far too wide — I can’t promise when, or if they will occur. As for me,  I’ll be working on some book projects during the summer. You can keep tabs on my whereabouts at RonShandler.com. Have a great — and SAFE — summer.

— Ron Shandler

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  1. Richard Lando

    Thanks, Ron for such a great resource. My draft is a week from today and I’m looking forward to it more than ever now that we have the FISH List. Good luck with your projects and enjoy the season more than ever.

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