2021 BABS Game Plan 2 – Spotlight Players

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Spring training camps have opened and we’re days away from the first games. As much as that sounds like a normal statement, we are still a good ways from normality. Ian Desmond has opted out of 2021, which could open the door for others to consider risk/benefit ratios, of all types. If you feel safe enough to attend a game in early March (and can get a ticket), you might get to see five innings, some of which may be ended before there are three outs. (That will cost you $30 in Port St. Lucie.)

With this update, we focus on interesting players that BABS likes, hates and is ambivalent about. Will there be a universal DH? Most of us touts are still hedging because it makes too much sense not to happen. But BABS says, “Here are Dominic Smith’s skills; his playing time will be too variable to nail down regardless. It’s nice that I’ve shown you how to separate things out.” Her database and spreadsheet have been updated, and the FISH List has been as well.

Remember that FISH is just another tool, and like everything else on this website, there is nothing precise about it. We’re just trying to figure out what 1,000 human beings are going to do over six months. That’s like predicting the exact number of inches of snowfall in Buffalo next winter. You do your research, you’ll come up with an estimate, you’ll be off by some amount – perhaps a lot – but you’ll be close enough to tell BABS what to wear when she goes out. And now you know where she lives. Maybe.

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Looking ahead  

In the March 10 update, we switch gears a bit to focus on specific BABS-related strategies for the new season. Along with Doug and Pat’s standard format fare — snake drafts, auctions, points, etc. — I will be writing a piece – exclusive to BABSbaseball.com – that could overturn your entire approach to building a pitching staff this year. All this, plus our regular report updates, more asset group analyses and player history scans, and more!