BABS DRAFT GAME PLAN 1 – Setting the Foundation

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At the top of most draft lists you will likely find one of three players this year — Ronald Acuna, Christian Yelich, or, of course, Mike Trout. BABS acknowledges and agrees that they are all fine players. But she believes there is one other player who has even higher skills potential.

Fernando Tatis, Jr. is the name that appears at the top of the BABS draft list, and epitomizes the power of how BABS works. BABS rates him as having the best overall skill set but also shows significant marks on the liabilities side of his ledger – injury, experience and regression concerns. His current ADP shows that you don’t have to draft him first – despite where he appears on the list – but he has to be a consideration soon thereafter.

It is a question of weighing skill and risk. Your BABS risk budget provides a structure for how much potential downside a strong roster can bear. You have to decide whether the upside of Tatis is worth the multiple marks against your risk budget.

This initial publication of the BABS reports gives you all you need to get a head start on your draft prep. (* Asterisked links are for members only.)


The BABS Project 3.0 (FREE PDF files)
Book 1 – Why we need a new system
Book 2 – The Broad Assessment Balance Sheet
Book 3 – BABS in practice


*Report Tutorial | Variables Cheat Sheet (PDF)

BABS Database 
Complete Major League BABS ratings, current and historical, with sorts and filters
*DatabaseReport Key

BABS Draft Suite
Your draft aids — cheat sheets, software support, etc.
*Master Spreadsheet | *RotoLab | Blank roster grid

Minor League BABS Scouting
*Major league equivalent BABS ratings for 2019 minor leaguers (Class AA and AAA players).


Positional analyses of the talent pool
*Starting Pitchers
*Relief Pitchers

Player History Scans
Trend analyses of the performance, marketplace (ADPs and AAVs) and BABS ratings for the most interesting players. *SAMPLE (Jose Ramirez)
More coming in the February 19 update.

Asset Group Analyses
A review of players with comparable skills profiles and how the marketplace is ranking them. Your biggest profit sources! *SAMPLE  (ER,KK)
More coming in the February 19 update.


*February 5 Edition
Do you have a question that would be best answered by one of our experts and benefit everyone? Submit it on our Contact Page and put MAILBAG in the Subject Line. We’ll select the best ones to respond to in each of the four Game Plan installments.

Reader forums
It’s your community of really smart BABSians. Ask questions, offer insights, vent – it’s your neighborhood. *Enter here

A question for all of you… How would you convince a BABS-averse fantasy leaguer that BABS is not “too complicated”? *Weigh in here!

BABS Baseball Leagues (BABL)
A fantasy competition based on BABS philosophies. 10-team leagues, 50-man rosters
*The BABL Concept | *Details and Signup Info
(Signup deadline March 6)

Coming February 19
BABS Spotlight Players: BABS’ recommendations and analyses of dozens of players to target or avoid, plus a database/spreadsheet update and our regular features

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One thought on “BABS DRAFT GAME PLAN 1 – Setting the Foundation

  1. Tom Mulhall

    Very nice new addition to RotoLab this year. Within the BABS tab, your player “flags” are carried over. For those unfamiliar, you can color-code a player so your targets stand out. (I use Target, Caution, Nominate, Save Opp, etc.) So within a BABS grouping, you can also see your target players and so on. A very nice feature. Not only will Ron’s players bubble up, but now your target players will bubble up within that bubble.

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