BABS 2021 In-Season

Here’s hoping that your season has gotten off to a good start. That has not been an easy task thus far, with all the injuries and roster-shuffling. If you were hoping that this would be our first in-season update, I’m sorry to disappoint, but it’s still way too early. Remember that BABS is a long-view tool.

But her draft insights have already started to bear early fruit. Ranking Fernando Tatis, Ronald Acuna and Jacob deGrom as her top 3 players was obviously not a stretch. But the BABS asset groups also said that Tyler Glasnow (ADP 50) was every bit the same pitcher as Gerrit Cole (7), and C.J. Cron was a much better buy at 274 than Aaron Judge at 55. She also put Freddy Peralta (338) in the same asset group as Lucas Giolito (19) and Corbin Burnes (59), which also seems prescient.

But it’s still early. We’re not popping any champagne corks yet.

(Random tangent or terrible segue – take your pick.) If you’re interested… I recently wrote about my opinions on some changing industry terminology.

I’ve pared down the dashboard below to only include links to articles and features that still might be useful as in-season reference tools. See below for potential in-season update plans.

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*How to use BABS during the season
*High-skilled part/no-timers
*Best BABS Targets
*Players to Pass On
*Unmatched Twins
*High Risk Players Going Too High
*Playing Time and the inefficient marketplace
*Deeeep Sleepers

Asset Group Analyses
Profit opportunities in the marketplace:
(*s,AV), (*e,KK), (*p,AV), (*e,k), (*p,a), (*PW,AV), (*ER,KK), (*P+), (*PW,a), (A+)

Player History Scans
Trend analyses of key players:
*March 10 Update (Abreu, Arenado, Bellinger, Fried, Lamet, Martinez, Mondesi, Ozuna, Snell, Voit)
*February 24 Update (Bassitt, Bell, Cruz, Gonzales, Keuchel, Meadows, Myers, Nola, Sanchez, Tucker)
SAMPLE (Ketel Marte)

Positional analyses of the talent pool
*Overview | *Catcher | *First base | *Second base | *Third base | *Shortstop | *Outfield | *Starting pitcher | *Relief pitcher


*Report Tutorial | Variables Cheat Sheet (PDF)

BABS Database 
Complete Major League BABS ratings, current and historical, with sorts and filters
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BABS Draft Suite
Your draft aids — cheat sheets, software support
*Master Spreadsheet | *RotoLab | ADPs from NFBCBlank roster grid

The FISH List
A new tool that integrates BABS ratings into the marketplace
*Current FISH List | *The FISH List, Take 2  | FISH List Reveals Effective Strategy | *Introducing the FISH List

Minor League BABS Scouting
*Major league equivalent BABS ratings for 2019 minor leaguers (Class AA and AAA players).


The BABS Project 3.0 (FREE PDF files)
Chapter listing
Book 1 – Why we need a new system
Book 2 – The Broad Assessment Balance Sheet
Book 3 – BABS in practice

Looking ahead  

Research has shown that the Broad Assessment Balance Sheet’s value is exclusively as a draft prep tool, so that is where we place our focus. I have tentatively planned perhaps 1-3 database updates during the season, but given their limited utility — small sample error bars are far too wide — I can’t promise when, or if they will occur. As of now, I am targeting Memorial Day, or thereabouts, for an initial BABS database update. And then we’ll reassess what the world looks like and take it from there.

As for me,  I’ve been busy working on a massive book project that has been taking up most of my time. I plan to release some excerpts, perhaps as early as this summer. You can keep tabs on my whereabouts at Have a great — and SAFE — summer.

— Ron Shandler