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A baby step towards dealing with FAAB

Those who read me regularly know that I am not a fan of FAAB – the Free Agent Acquisition Budget – specifically, the blind-bidding process that uses it. For all the effort we make to try to accurately value players during the draft, we are seemingly fine with throwing away...

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BABS rates Ron’s 50-round D&H team

I just completed a 50-round snake in an NFBC “Draft Champions” (Draft & Hold) format, with 14 other speakers from the First Pitch Arizona conference. I used the BABS spreadsheet published late last month, although I veered a bit from the...

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A high level accounting of the BABS player pool

By Patrick Cloghessy

In our quest to set roster targets and assess our ability to meet those targets, it is helpful to have a good sense of the composition of the player pool. From a BABsian perspective, that means taking an accounting of where she is allocating her assets and...

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The Rotisserie Hall of Fame – A Reboot

In the earlier part of this decade, I embarked on a pet project to create a Baseball Hall of Fame based solely on fantasy league merit.

This is different from the BBWAA process that leads to a plaque in Cooperstown. The BBWAA awards reverence...

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Who’s joining the $30 Club?

This is my weekly article for ESPN Insider.

In a world where head-to-head games and snake drafts have become fantasy baseball's standards, the industry began nearly 40 years ago as AL/NL-only Rotisserie auction leagues. Millions still play those games and there is an artifact from that format with utility for...

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Five Named to Rotisserie Hall of Fame

While the baseball universe waits for the always-controversial Baseball Writers Association of America (BBWAA) Hall of Fame announcement, the fantasy industry has named its 2018 picks for the Rotisserie Hall of Fame: Carlos Beltran, Cliff Lee, Joe Nathan, Alex Rodriguez and...

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How will your league handle Shohei Ohtani?

It looks pretty certain that Japanese star Shohei Ohtani will be making his way to the States in 2018. As a legitimate 2-way player – talented as a hitter or pitcher – fantasy leagues must decide how he is going to...

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2024 Annual Disclosure Statement

An Op-Ed columnist in my local paper once wrote a piece that she called her Annual Disclosure Statement. She said, “I have regular readers and new readers, but I can’t assume that everyone knows where I stand on the...

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