Where else can I find Ron?

Aside from this website, Ron’s work and influence can be found in several other places:

The formal home for all of Ron’s stuff is RonShandler.com.

Ron’s name can be found every December on the cover of the Baseball Forecaster as it has since 1986. He writes the introductory essay each year and has final edit authority over all the player commentaries and projections. (Every book)

Ron posts to this Facebook page whenever the mood strikes, and periodically otherwise. There you’ll find teasers, contests and links to articles he thinks are important. These posts tend to be more opinionated, on hot-button topics like the state of the fantasy sports industry and where to find the best ballpark food. “LIKE” this page to stay in the loop.

More than 12,000 followers keep up with Ron’s whereabouts on Twitter/X. He’s been tweeting/Xing every so often and likes to poke the tiger, even when he’s not in Detroit. He likes to run polls, the results of which often make it into his articles.

Ron is the annual lead-off speaker for the First Pitch Forums conference series, in Arizona each fall and in Florida each spring. He does periodic interviews on SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio, various podcasts and other venues.

Ron was a regular participant in several of the national experts leagues from 1994 to 2021. After winning LABR Mixed in 2021, he retired from that league and Tout Wars. He continues to play in the XFL keeper/dynasty hybrid league.

His new book, “Fantasy Expert,” an irreverent historical memoir, is available for order now.