BABS 2022: What’s On Deck?

No, WHO’S on deck? (Looks like Mike.) Welcome to another season of bizarre circumstances and unfortunate events. The pandemic is still here and baseball is not. Still, BABS is pushing ahead as if everything is normal, because perception is reality and fantasy is the only real thing right now. After all, MLB and MLBPA could sign a new CBA tomorrow and where would we be if BABS was spending this month in Barbados?

But she’s not. In fact, BABS has had a busy off-season. She has created a completely new system for handling Liabilities. It assigns “values” to individual types of risks. These “values” allow you to do risk/benefit analyses on each player and help you create a quantifiable risk budget for your roster construction.

I have a whole series of articles planned for all the ways you can use this powerful information. They will start appearing in the Preview installment of the 2022 BABS Game Plan, posting later this month.  But in the interim, it’s time to (re)acquaint yourself with the Broad Assessment Balance Sheet.

It all starts here, with the updated ebook The BABS Project 3.1. It’s your FREE reference tool. (All are PDF files.) The new Liability scoring system is described in Book 2.
Book 1 – Why we need a new system
Book 2 – The Broad Assessment Balance Sheet
Book 3 – BABS in practice

And there’s more! There are two areas of coverage that we are beefing up for 2022, and we’ve added two new writers to help us out.

Admittedly, BABS has a little trouble evaluating Minor League prospects, but that never stopped her from trying. We are going to publish more content on baseball’s rising stars, with BABS helping us tease out more useful information. It starts with a page devoted to historical Major League Equivalent BABS ratings. Curt Brooks has joined us to analyze the rookie crop through a BABS lens.

Given BABS’ value as a long-view tool, one of the fantasy formats that best benefits from its use is also one that has been gaining in popularity. Best Ball contests are the perfect application for BABS, and Greg Fishwick will show us how he’s won multiple titles using it.

Our plan for the 2022 BABS Game Plan is to publish our first few updates according to our regular twice-monthly schedule. If baseball’s work stoppage pushes into March, we will likely delay the publication of Update #3 and will definitely hold off on the final update until we know when baseball is coming back.

Hopefully, by the time we have to make that decision, the previous sentence will have become moot.

Until then, we’re moving ahead as if pitchers and catchers will be reporting next month. Because many of you are already drafting and the rest of us will joyously join you in denial until Opening Day, whenever that might be.

See you back here in a few weeks.