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Early season power outages: Is BABS concerned?

by Doug Gruber

Most teams have now played 25 or more games, and full-time players have logged approximately 100 plate appearances. That’s about 15% of the season in the books. Still early.

We all know the players who are off to incredible starts. Christian Yelich has been amazing with 13...

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Playing time churn could force BABS to change

As of this past Sunday, 45 players who had been ranked among the pre-season Top 300 have already visited the Injured List. That’s 15 percent of the top players hobbled in little more than 10 percent of the season.

This is important because the more players who get hurt, the...

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Got Injuries? BABS is here to help

by Doug Gruber

It happens every year. Injuries, a plethora of them, to start the season. For whatever the reason…the intensity of real games, foul weather, bad luck… Fantasy rosters that looked deep coming out of our drafts now have swiss cheese-like holes to be filled after only two weeks.


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Leaders rejoice! Trailers panic! It’s April!

by Patrick Cloghessy

I am sick of Trevor Story. Ditto Aaron Judge (pictured) and Matt Carpenter. Alex Bregman’s repeat season has stumbled out of the gate. I always knew Eddie Rosario was never that good.

I don’t want to overreact, but Daniel Murphy, Giancarlo Stanton and Miguel Andujar? WTF?...

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