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With Harper signed, BABS looks at the winter’s big movers

by Patrick Cloghessy

Admit it. After following the transaction tracker and rumor mill this offseason, you attempted to contextualize the news for fantasy baseball purposes.  For some reason it felt... incomplete. Why the inability to see James Paxton’s real value in New York?

The answer is simple: BABS had yet...

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BABS says: No need to spend big for Manny

by Doug Gruber

BABS has taught us that players with the same asset ratings are pretty much interchangeable. The (F,p,AV) asset group is a great place to dive into this concept. BABS has identified 20 players that she says are more alike than they are different. There are some big...

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BABS rates Ron’s 50-round D&H team

I just completed a 50-round snake in an NFBC “Draft Champions” (Draft & Hold) format, with 14 other speakers from the First Pitch Arizona conference. I used the BABS spreadsheet published late last month, although I veered a bit from the plan.


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Grab your 3Bmen early in this shallow skills pool

by Doug Gruber

The perception by many fantasy owners is that the 3B position is a deep player pool. BABS says otherwise; she tells us that the number of multi-asset players continues to fall… from 20 in 2017, to 17 last year, to only 12 for 2019.

Some of the...

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First Base is Thinner, but Leverage Options are Plentiful

It has been pointed out in numerous places that this is the first year (since 2004, anyway) that there are no first-basemen in the first round ADP rankings. Indeed, the position has thinned out, but there still remain plenty of BABSian opportunities to play off the marketplace.

Among full- and...

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