How will your league handle Shohei Ohtani?

It looks pretty certain that Japanese star Shohei Ohtani will be making his way to the States in 2018. As a legitimate 2-way player – talented as a hitter or pitcher – fantasy leagues must decide how he is going to fit into their roster structure.

The upcoming Baseball Forecaster devotes an entire page to Ohtani, scouting him as both hitter and pitcher, and providing complete 5-year sabermetric scans of his Major League Equivalent statistics. There will also be a sidebar discussing how fantasy league commissioners should handle him. This sidebar is from work recently done by Creativesports analyst Brian Walton.

Brian presented his research to me as the rules rep for both the XFL and Tout Wars, and then posted his findings to his site. It is worth linking to here as it contains all the key variables you need to think about. I encourage you to add your comments below. What is your league considering?

4 thoughts on “How will your league handle Shohei Ohtani?

  1. Kstan

    Is there a commish service today that accounts for a 2 way player? Seems to me that if you use a commish service for your league, you are going to be stuck with however they decide to handle it.

  2. Kstan

    Ooops, should have read the article first.

  3. Pierce Perotti

    The link seems dead. It is taking me to “Page not found”

    1. shandler Post author

      URL has been fixed.

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