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No need to overpay for closer roles

When it comes to the BABS philosophy of players being "more alike than they are different," there is no better demonstration of this than with relief pitchers. There are about three dozen relievers who have a shot at about 10 or more saves; about 20 who are good bets for...

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Starters offer stable vets at the top, but lots of health risk

Over 90 percent of BABS' top 25 starting pitchers are established veterans. This would seem to lend needed stability to these volatile cornerstone players. However, only about 44 percent of them are free of any health concerns. Some Asset Groups are healthier than others – (ER,KK) has good pickings but...

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Is Clayton Kershaw still a first-rounder?

This is my weekly article from ESPN Insider.

The talent curve at the beginning of a draft is very steep. In Rotisserie dollars, the variance between the no. 1 pick (Mike Trout, Jose Altuve, whoever) and the pick at the end of round 2 could be as much as $20....

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Second base 2018: Focus on speed

With a scarce commodity like speed, second base is where you need to stock up. There are 10 multi-asset mid/full-time players who include speed as part of their skill set. You need to get at least one of them, even if that means bypassing an otherwise solid power commodity. You...

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Several paths to profit with 3Bmen in 2018

Third base is another position with sufficient power and batting average sources, though slightly weaker overall than last year. It runs 17 deep in multi-asset players – down from 20 last year – which means mixed leaguers should be able to find at least one solid contributor.

Similar to last...

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Introducing the BABL Owners

We are about ready to toss out the first pitch of the 2018 BABL Exhibition League. I will be competing against nine other intrepid explorers in hopes of finding the optimal BABS-relevant fantasy draft format.

Those nine owners have now been chosen....

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Spend deep, or not, for elite 1B skills in 2018

As always, this is a position loaded with excellent power options and good batting average foundation players. The nice thing is that you don't need to pay big for the skills that this group offers. Sure, it would be nice to own some of the top names – and do...

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