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When BABS takes a back seat

by Chris Doyle

In-season roster management in fantasy baseball is full of challenges. Cutting bait too early can sometimes prove traumatic, but holding on too long could mean a missed opportunity to land a big fish on the waiver wire.

Where it gets especially tricky is on the trade front....

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BABS Sweet-Talks Trades: Part 1, Batters

by Greg Fishwick

The MLB non-waiver trade deadline is two weeks away. The All-Star break is a traditional time to assess your team, and—just like a real-life GM—decide whether you’re a buyer or a seller.

If you are in a mono league and think you’re not a buyer, think again....

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Making Winning Trades With BABS

by Dan Gottfried

For many, trading is a favorite part of playing fantasy baseball. If you are the type of owner who will trade almost any player at almost any time, BABS can be a big help. Using BABS, you can appear to give up more than you receive in...

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