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July 2019 BABS Update – Batters

by Doug Gruber

At last week’s MLB Midsummer Classic, consensus among baseball’s experts was that three players have separated themselves from the others for this year’s MVP honors. Mike Trout appears to be the runaway leader in the American League, while Christian Yelich and Cody Bellinger are in a virtual...

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May 2019 BABS Update – Batters

by Doug Gruber

BABS has updated the database for her first in-season rankings. If you are like me, you will spend hours looking at the file. “No surprises with Yelich and Bellinger.” “Wow, I didn’t realize Hunter Dozier was doing that well.” “That rating seems very surprising.” And so on…


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BABS September 2018 Update – Batters

by Patrick Cloghessy

The seeds of next year’s draft crop were sown this spring. On average, Christian Yelich (p,SB,A+) came off the board this year at pick 45.  Yelich’s monstrous fantasy season, coupled with his (BABS-certified) skills are certain to drive his price much higher next season. The same can...

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BABS May 2018 Update – Batters

by Chris Doyle

Access the first BABS update of the season here.

While we must remember that the small sample size caveat still exists, it’s nonetheless a fun and interesting exercise to try and spot the variances from pre-season rankings and attempt to explain or rationalize them.

Here are...

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