Ron Shandler’s Other Book 2016

Why do we need another fantasy baseball annual?  


FACT: All the advanced analytics and computer models can’t forecast player stats with enough precision for you to draft truly optimal teams. The solution is the Broad Assessment Balance Sheet (BABS), a new approach that defines each player’s skill versus risk, and teaches you to combat the flawed biases that stand in the way of good decision-making, such as:

– We base decisions on small sample sizes.

– We try to ferret out patterns within statistical noise.

– We look at research results based on aggregate data and draw finite conclusions about individual players.

– We are largely driven by recency bias.

Ron Shandler’s Other Book 2016 puts a new spin on the process of constructing a competitive fantasy baseball roster. It is not about statistics; it’s about creating new player definitions, and balancing assets and liabilities. Its goal is simple – build a winning roster.



Introduction: My Conversation With YOU (Read it now!)
1. How the Stats are Out to Get You
2. How Psychology is Out to Get You
3. The Broad Assessment Balance Sheet (BABS) Concept
4. The BABS Player Profiling System
5. BABS Draft Planning
6. Analyzing the Player Pool
7. Critical Analysis of the Marketplace
8. Your BABS Draft
9. End Notes

HOW TO GET “Ron Shandler’s Other Book 2016: The Manual of Baseball Roster Construction”:

Become a member of for $19.95, which will give you exclusive online access to the book. Each chapter is being posted here as it is written. Online access also gives you additional essays not in the book, downloadable versions of all charts and periodic in-season updates. (A standalone PDF version of the book will be available in March.)