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A high level accounting of the BABS player pool

By Patrick Cloghessy

In our quest to set roster targets and assess our ability to meet those targets, it is helpful to have a good sense of the composition of the player pool. From a BABsian perspective, that means taking an accounting of where she is allocating her assets and...

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Drafting with BABS right out of the box

In past years, having a fantasy baseball draft in January would seem a bit premature. Still, by now there would have been enough trades and free agent signings that we'd have at least a general sense of how MLB rosters are shaking out. These days, it's far more complicated.


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An early view of 2019 BABS ratings

by Patrick Cloghessy

Let’s cut to the chase. We are here for a reckoning. Will BABS confirm our love for Ronald Acuna? Will she throw cold water on Walker Buehler (pictured)?

We know it’s instructive to overlay BABS’ rankings with ADP. As of this writing, there have been 76...

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Four Named to Rotisserie Hall of Fame

While the baseball universe waits for the always-controversial Baseball Writers Association of America (BBWAA) Hall of Fame announcement, the fantasy industry has named its 2019 picks for the Rotisserie Hall of Fame: Adrian Beltre, Carl Crawford, Jimmy Rollins and David Wright. After we re-set...

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Minor League BABS 2019

What is the difference between Ramon Laureano and Austin Meadows? Looking only at their 2018 major league stats, one might conclude, "not a whole lot."

BABS viewed their 2018 performances slightly differently. She rated Laureano (PW,SB,a), which is an elite-level asset group that no Major Leaguer attained in 2018. Meadows...

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What to expect here in 2019

Welcome to 2019. It’s been 37 years since we partied like it’s 1999, and 20 years since we actually did the partying. About 35 years ago today, I would have been enjoying the performance of Tom Barrasso, who was the starting goaltender on my...

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