2023 BABS DRAFT GAME PLAN – Update #1

It’s time to embark on what could be a strange and wonderful season. The pitch clock, larger bases, defensive shift limitations and balanced schedule will present steep challenges for statistical prognosticators. For fantasy leaguers who guess right, it could provide great success. For BABS, it’s just another Tuesday. Embracing imprecision and thinking in broad ranges are what BABS is all about. Now is the time [...]

The BABS Project


Ron Shandler's landmark study that created the Broad Assessment Balance Sheet (BABS) has been updated and expanded for 2022.

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Ron Shandler


is considered one of the pioneers in the baseball analysis and fantasy baseball industry.

Ron was the first to develop sabermetric applications for fantasy play. BABSbaseball.com is his latest project, following his eponymous Baseball Forecaster annual (1986-), the ground-breaking BaseballHQ.com website (1996-), and the First Pitch national conference series (1996-). Also:

Columnist, TheAthletic.com (2019-), ESPN.com (2007, 2015-2018), USA Today (2008-2014)

26 Top Three finishes in national experts leagues since 1994

Advisor, StL Cardinals (2004)

FSTA Lifetime Achievement Award

FSWA Hall of Fame

Complete bio

Annual disclosure statement

Where to find Ron now

Look for Ron's new historical memoir, Fantasy Expert in Fall 2023.


DOUG GRUBER has been playing Rotisserie and CDM for nearly 30 years. He has won overall contests in baseball, golf and football.

PAT CLOGHESSY has been a sim gamer for nearly 30 years and has  played competitive fantasy baseball for over 20 years. He's been involved in sports radio with WFAN and Sirius/XM.

GREG FISHWICK founded a fantasy league that will enter its 30th season in 2023. He won RazzSlam Best Ball Leagues in 2020-2021, taking 3rd overall in 2020.

CURT BROOKS has been playing fantasy baseball since 2004 and was an early BABS adopter. He has used BABS to win two titles in the past three years.


BABS Draft Game Plan 2023

Everything you need to draft the optimal fantasy roster in 2023:

  • BABS database and spreadsheet with ratings, cheat sheets
  • Dozens of articles
  • Asset group analyses
  • Game strategies for multiple formats
  • BABS fantasy leagues
  • Mailbag, message boards and more!


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