Reader Advice for the BABS-Averse

I received the below email from a prospective reader. I was going to respond, but I thought it would make more sense for those who use BABS the most to chime in with some advice. The email:

“I’ve been following the article on BABS now for a couple of years, and my overall take is that it is TOO COMPLICATED for the average fantasy baseball devotee. Sorry to say this as I enjoy reading your articles and analysis of fantasy players. I’ll have to stick to the more straightforward information.”

Readers chime in…

BABS has SIMPLIFIED fantasy baseball for me and allowed me to focus on roster construction and strategy.

Taking the focus off of stats and putting it on skills makes drafting/auctioning so much easier because you can make your decision about a player in seconds and not agonize over whether he is worth the extra $$$ or drafting said player earlier than their ADP. Combined with RotoLab, BABS has made me a better player.

You can find value and profit much easier than I could before working with other information. I feel like when I use BABS that I have just a little bit more information than my competitors. I have finished in the money in every auction league I have participated in since I started using BABS.

Completely agree with the above. Additionally, BABS has absolutely reduced my pre-auction prep time. Before BABS I’d spend countless hours looking at a projection spreadsheet with a gazillion numbers on it; now that is not necessary.

My pre-auction prep time is dramatically reduced and less tedious. Additionally, even though I’m in an auction league, the ADP ranks are invaluable. The ADP tell me that two players with very similar skills will be purchased for very different prices providing their ADP differ by a large amount.

Folks who aren’t able to grasp its simplicity are really missing the point. I would urge the writer to familiarize himself or herself with the numerous studies which have proven the relative inaccuracy of ALL projections systems and to recognize the beauty of BABS is that she easily identifies the top 10%, 25% and 50% of the player population based on skill alone and then tells you at a glance the relative factual risk factors and estimated playing time.

What could be simpler?

Back to me… The truth is that BABS is different. However, gaining a competitive edge in your leagues requires something “different,” which means there will be a learning curve. It’s not steep; it requires a little bit of your time to read the FREE eBook on the home page. The BABS Project 3.0 explains everything in simple terms. It’s an easy read that will show you the power of BABS.