CONGRATS! Final 2019 BABS Ratings Posted

Congratulations to all the winners! Hopefully BABS has helped you take home a title in 2019. The database with final BABS ratings is now posted at the link to your right.

It’s been another crazy year, but what year isn’t? Yes, the massive spikes in power and strikeouts have changed the complexion of the game, but there are always external variables we have to deal with — injuries, suspensions, surprise teams, etc. At least the rise in homers and Ks affected all teams equally, more or less.

I go into hibernation now, as the writing of the 34th annual Baseball Forecaster begins in earnest. The 25th annual First Pitch Arizona conference takes place October 11-13 where I’ll be conducting a training session on BABS, if anyone reading this is attending. Busy times.

This winter, the makeover continues with the re-release of The BABS Project ebook — updated and expanded — which will be a free offering on the site. Then draft season explodes in February with the BABS Draft Plan. Stay tuned.

Have a great off-season!



5 thoughts on “CONGRATS! Final 2019 BABS Ratings Posted

  1. Chris Mitchell


    Thanks for all of the data. Love the articles on the Athletic.

    Best finish was 2nd out of 11 in an AL only and Finished 4th Out of 12 in a Mixed dynasty.

  2. Douglas Harvey

    Thanks as always to you, Ron, for pushing our thinking about fantasy baseball. I really enjoyed the BABS Leagues you ran – drafting and playing a season with a roster of 50 players was a great exercise in player valuation and roster management. Looking forward to the evolution of BABS.

  3. Larry Waters

    NL Only 11 team auction league. Ran in top 3 all season. Finished 2nd, 3 points behind leader. After auction BABS said we were weak in BAVG, she was right, it was our worst category. Can’t wait to see the revised version.

  4. Stuart Jordan

    Well BABS for me was a mixed bag. In the BABS league the season was a real slog filled with injuries and underperformers (thanks Aaron Judge and Mookie Betts) but all was not terrible as BABS also guided my other team (NL Only keeper league where I inherited a managerless team) I was blessed to inherit Jacob DeGrom but BABS guided me through the draft and kept me from making some early season mistakes (I inherited Jeff McNeil and I kept getting trade requests in the spring but I kept him and he plus Scott Kingery really helped carry the team all the way to game 7 of the championship series where I came up 1 run short. Thanks BABS, have a good winter and I’ll see you in the spring. I’m guessing its about 150 days until pitchers and catchers report.

  5. Dayton Carpenter

    Placed 1st in 10 team NL only Scoresheet league thanks to BABS. Great help in late rounds and supplemental drafts. There is a lot of parity in our league. Thanks for a great tool for player assessment. Looking forward to BABS 3.0

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