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BABS 2017: What’s new, early charts, more

While we all know the inherent beauty that BABS possesses, she readily recognizes that there is always room for improvement. The challenge, though, is to improve while maintaining simplicity. I didn't want to add complexity to her natural beauty.

In the end, the only changes I made were...

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Final 2016 BABS Ratings

Even with the massive in shift in the balance between power and speed this season, Mike Trout and Clayton Kershaw still ended up atop the BABS rankings. Planetary alignment is a good thing. Those two are this era's no-brainers, but the rest of the 2016 final rankings reveals a...

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Betts, Fowler Top the BABS Leaderboard

Through nearly two months, we are starting to see some of the early season's extreme performances settling down. But even within that settlement, there are a few players who are taking that next step up.

A reminder about how to use the chart:

Batters and pitchers, individually, are ranked by...

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BABS In-Season

The concept of assessing talent using broad measures, and balancing assets and liabilities, applies to all stages of the baseball season. Even though our drafts are over, the need to evaluate talent does not end.

BABS works just as hard during the season as in the weeks leading up to...

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Broad Assessment Balance Sheet – March 27 Update

I'm a few days early, but here are the BABS spreadsheets updated for Mixed leagues, with data as of March 26. This will be the final update before Opening Day.

The updated files (both Excel and html online) include the new indicators for on base average. The ADPs and converted...

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The Lower Depths of BABS

The Asset and Liability ratings generated by BABS hold no bias towards playing time. Whether you are a 600-AB full-timer or a 100-AB backup catcher, your skills and risks are evaluated on the same scale. However, those who are in line for significant playing time do get pushed up in...

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If Every Player Was Healthy

Here is where the beauty of BABS really comes into play.

Players with overriding Liabilities – from health to experience to playing time opportunity – are never accurately portrayed by current rating and ranking systems. There is no better time to show this than spring training.

Several young players are...

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BABS in Leagues with Alternative Rules

BABS provides a different way of thinking about roster management in fantasy leagues, but it's virtually impossible for one system to be all things to all formats. Leagues with alternative rules or hybrid structures are going to require a bit of tweaking. However, there are some underlying facts that are...

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