BABS in RotoLab 2024

BABS is a natural fit in the RotoLab draft software. The marriage of the two provides you with access to all the asset and liability ratings, asset group rankings and balance sheet budget — and the ease of running your draft too!

RotoLab has been hailed as the best fantasy draft software on the market — now you can see why (video only, no audio):


You can purchase RotoLab here.

As a member of, once you purchase RotoLab, access to the BABS module is FREE. You can also get RotoLab at a steep discount if you subscribe to Lots of ways to do this and save some cash. Yes, it may seem a bit confusing, but it’s all just family.

Here is your 2024 UNLOCK KEY. On the BABS Password screen, enter:


Do not share this key. Protect your investment.

IMPORTANT: If you have any questions or problems using RotoLab, send an email to

Happy drafting!

Frequently Asked Questions

Prior to using BABS to do your draft in RotoLab, make sure you are well versed in how the program works.

How to search for a player?
Just type the last name. The screen defaults to the BABS player grid, so it is ready to search. Type C-O-N and you are on Michael Conforto. D-A-R will take you to Yu Darvish, etc.

Searching puts the list in alphabetic order. How do I return to the normal ranked Asset Group view?
Use the [Esc] key or click in the blank space in the upper left corner of the grid.

How do I compare players in an Asset Group?
On any player, hit the [Enter] key. It will display the list in Asset Group ranked order and highlight that player’s Asset Group.

How do I flag players?
Use the hot keys [1]-[9] on your keyboard to make a player with a flag. Use [0] to clear it.

Can I see a BABS total for all owners in my league?
Yes. From the Toolbar at the top, select “Totals” and you will find a BABS tab on the left. Select it and it will show Assets and Liabilities by category for Batters and Pitchers for each owner, at any point during your draft/auction.

How do I change my Asset and Liability targets?
To keep users from accidentally changing the targets, they are locked down. Click on the little lock icon to unlock them. Then left-click to increase a target, and right-click to decrease it (Mac users, it is whatever your secondary-click is set to). Lock it back when you are done.

How do I un-draft a player?
Right click on him in the roster section and choose “Undraft.” If it is a player on another team, you will need to go to the “Roster” screen to do this.

What if I cannot find a player?
Click on the “ALL” button on the right. That is every player in the database and then do the search. If they do not come up still, then you are probably 10 rounds into your minor league drafts.

I want the high skill players to count with more weight, how do I do this?
Click on the “Options” icon in the top toolbar menu. There you will find a few options available including one “Extreme Skills + Count as 2 assets” in the Assets total.

What is meant by “Available” under the asset columns?
It is a rough count of what assets are available, using the number of active players needed to be drafted in your league plus 15% more. (The additional 15% is used to pick up players that might be in the draft pool.) The available count will give you an estimate of how many of each Asset are still available in the pool.

Can I change the stock 180/80 Budget split for hitters and pitchers?
Yes, click the Lock icon again and adjust the same way. 180/80 is a 69%-31% split, but you can set it up however you want to budget your dollars.

I do not see any slot for reserves, how can I show them?
While BABS is mostly geared for the Active draft, you can certainly use it for Reserve rounds. Up to ten reserve slots can be shown under your primary roster. After that, just go to the normal draft screen and finish out your reserve draft. To show some Reserve slots on the BABS screen under your main lineup, click on “Layout” in the main toolbar at the top, and drag the dividing splitter (in dark gray just above the filter bar) down so show the reserves.

How can I get more help?
If you have question about the way RotoLab works or how it manages BABS, email Merv Pate at Do not use the Contact form on this site.