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The challenge of reaching innings minimums

This is my weekly piece from ESPN Insider.

Back in 2010, there were 45 starting pitchers who threw at least 200 innings, led by Roy Halladay with 250.2. At the end of that list were journeymen like Jon Garland and Rodrigo Lopez. Even they managed to throw 200 innings.


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BABS has some final thoughts…

For those who have not yet drafted, here are a few last-minute tidbits:

Finding value in the catcher pool

Earlier this off-season, we posted the following poll:

What will be your approach to drafting catchers in 2018 (2-catcher leagues)? 32%     Value, value, value. I'll take it wherever it comes. 21%    ...

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BABS Draft Plans for AL/NL-Only Leagues

by Justin Cary

The following are suggested BABS draft plans for AL-only and NL-only leagues.

AL Only

First base in the AL presents a challenge between targeting high upside guys with risks versus stable lower skill sets. BABS purists know they can find a ton of value here, so wait...

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How to deal with the DL

This is my weekly article from ESPN Insider.

On average, fantasy owners had about five players on the disabled list at any one time during the 2017 season. For some particularly snake-bitten clubs, it was not unusual to have as many as 10 on the shelf. And thanks to the...

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Tout Wars, BABS and the Changing Marketplace

Player projections are irrelevant. What you think players are worth is irrelevant. All that matters is the marketplace. Here is the description that I have used time and time again:

“If you are convinced that a player is worth $25 and...

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Using BABS in alternate formats

by Chris Doyle

With all of the different fantasy formats that have spawned over the years, and the player rankings that accompany them, owners face a lot of informational noise. At the end of the day, all you’re looking for is an accurate evaluation that paints a picture of what...

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First round risers

This is my weekly article from ESPN Insider.

Most first round picks are not going to return first round value. If our goal is to roster the safest foundation players at the top of the draft, these are the only players currently ranked in the Top 15 that I would...

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BABS Update: The Humidor Cometh

The BABS database and master spreadsheet are both updated with the latest player additions and moves.

Last week's poll indicated that most of you are planning to have your drafts the weekend of March 24-25 so I will get one more database update posted before then. I'm not sure...

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BABL Exhibition draft results

Our group of 10 intrepid explorers have begun their journey, taking BABS Baseball (BABL) out for its initial voyage. We have just completed the first leg, wrapping up our slow draft last week.

As a refresher, here are the basics of this new, BABS-inspired league format:

4×4 Rotisserie draft &...

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Using risk to your advantage on draft day

This is my weekly article from ESPN Insider.

During the course of his career, Edwin Encarnacion has had a pre-draft ADP in the Top 15 only once, slotting in at No. 10 in 2015. He has earned first round value only once as well, pulling up the bottom at No....

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