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July 2019 BABS Update – Pitchers

by Pat Cloghessy

Well, this is awkward. Entering 2019, few would have put Jack Flaherty and Yu Darvish on the same planet. As luck (skill?) would have it, the July BABS update reflects on their skills thusly: (KK |-ER). 

But wait a second. Were their converging assets and liabilities a...

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BABS September 2018 Update – Pitchers

by Chris Doyle

It’s the final BABS update of the season and we’ve got plenty to talk about. Let’s dive right into the hurlers for some surprises, disappointments and everything in between.

Gerrit Cole (E+, K+) is officially a fantasy ace. He was a bit lucky in the...

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BABS August 2018 Update – Pitchers

by Chris Dowd

One of the most important things to remember about BABS is that she is purely analytical. Her strengths lie in assessing past performance, not predicting the future.

And there’s nothing wrong with that. Despite all the statistics out there, no tool can present a player’s true skills...

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BABS May 2018 Update – Pitchers

by Justin Cary

We are a little more than a month in the season and the first BABS scan has arrived. Owners should be reminded that playing time represents less than 20% of the total year's output. Be careful making assessments about skill sets. Instead, owners should be looking at...

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Starters offer small pockets of high skill, low risk

Over 85 percent of the pitchers at the top of the pool are established veterans. This would seem to lend needed stability to these volatile cornerstone players. However, only about 60 percent of them are free of any health concerns. Some Asset Groups are healthier than others – (F/ER,KK)...

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