End Game Target Report

End-Game Target Report looks at the highest-skilled players projected for little playing time, mostly those in the outer bands of the ADP rankings, along with their risk profiles.

How to read this report: Players are sorted by skill, without regard to playing time expectation, which is highly variable at this depth of the player pool.

Skills Index and Risk Index: At the far right are these two new metrics added to our analytical arsenal. For each, we set a baseline from the average of the top 350 players in each update and scale everyone else from 100. This provides a quick glance at which players offer the best skills/risk balance. Any player with a positive net is a safe player to draft.

Each player’s ADP and dollar value are listed just for show; these are mostly irrelevant at this point of the draft. However, the relative values can be instructive, especially when you see players in the ADP 700s having better skills/risk profiles than players in the 600s, as shown in the example above.