2023 Asset Group Analysis (p,s,AV)

(Photo by Frank Jansky/Icon Sportswire)

Asset groups are a key component of the BABS system. They are our means to assemble players with comparable skills profiles and then review how the marketplace ranks them. The philosophy is that, if several players are comparable, they should be valued at about the same level. But that’s not always the case. Here is where we can uncover opportunities to build profit into our rosters. This is a sample Asset Group Analysis. There will be more in the next two updates.

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ADP R$ (p,s,AV) Pos Tm PT Pw Sp Av * Rg Sk Inj Ex Ag Rg RISK
3 $
Ramirez,Jose 50 CLE F p s AV * INJ 5.00
15 $
Bichette,Bo 6 TOR F p s AV 0.00
40 $
Altuve,Jose 4 HOU F p s AV 0.00

ASSETS: PT (Playing time), Pw (Power), Sp (Speed), Av (Batting Effectiveness), * (OBP help), Rg (Regression help). LIABILITIES: Sk (Skills risk), Inj (Injury), Ex (Inexperience),  Ag (Age decline), Rg (Regression hurt), Risk cost. (Some BABS categories have been omitted due to space limitations but appear in the full database and spreadsheet charts.)

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This trio comprises one of the more elite asset groups in BABSland — there are only 20 triple-asset players in the entire draftable pool. BABS rates Jose Ramirez (pictured), Bo Bichette and Jose Altuve as all possessing moderate power, moderate speed and significant batting effectiveness.

The marketplace dubs Ramirez as the class of this group, and it’s tough to argue with his track record. However, if you scan the histories of both Bichette and Altuve, you can see how the skills profiles are within a reasonable range of normal statistical variance. Granted, JRam gives you more RBIs, but there are enough potential offsetting factors that level the playing field.

And now Ramirez is coming off a thumb injury (noted as an INJ liability), and may not be ready for Opening Day. That will add a risk penalty of $5, a hefty cost for those who might set their team risk budget at a conservative $30. Apparently, the marketplace doesn’t care.

ADPs are often shaped by subjective factors such as age, upward potential, recency bias and hope. Those are the somewhat fuzzy variables that may be affecting how Bichette and Altuve are being ranked. But their comparable skills profiles and clean liability ledgers provide a clearer view of their potential value to your roster construction.

So, you can pay up for Ramirez, or use that first round pick on someone else, knowing that there are comparable skills available later in the draft. Using the roto dollar values above, you could be saving $25 on a similarly-skilled player. It also helps answer the question: Would you rather have Jose Ramirez in the 1st round or Jose Altuve in the 3rd? Or conceivably, it offers you possible 1st/3rd round choices between (Jose Ramirez and Marcus Semien) or (Aaron Judge and Jose Altuve). Knowing that Ramirez and Altuve have comparable underlying skills helps this decision-making process.

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