The BABS Project: Uncovering the Truth About Winning at Fantasy Baseball

The ground-breaking, fantasy roster construction strategy from fantasy baseball pioneer, Ron Shandler…

The 4 Core Tenets of the
Broad Assessment Balance Sheet (BABS):
  1. Accurate players projections are a crock. It is nearly impossible to project performance with enough precision for it to matter.
  2. Skill needs to be measured in very broad terms. Call someone a 30-HR, .300 hitter but normal statistical variability makes those numbers virtually meaningless.
  3. Skill must be separated from risk. Typical projections attempt to combine both objective and subjective variables. But you can’t toss everything into a big pot and claim it’s more accurate.
  4. Players are more alike than they are different. The more we obsess over ADPs and dollar values to rank similar players, the more opportunity there is for draft day profit.

Ron Shandler has spent more than three decades finding innovative new ways to help you clobber your fantasy league opponents. He’s taken many of the concepts from his Baseball Forecaster books and has now found the logical next step.

“The BABS Project: Uncovering the Truth About Winning at Fantasy Baseball” (PDF format) is over 100 pages that describe the journey. You’ll read about how the concept evolved and then learn how to use it to win your leagues. These are Ron Shandler’s personal insights, all for just $5. But read on to find out how to get the eBook for FREE.

Introduction (Free preview)
1. How the Stats are Out to Get You
2. How Psychology is Out to Get You
3. The Broad Assessment Balance Sheet
4. The BABS Player Profiling System
5. Analyzing the Player Pool
6. Draft Planning
7. Marketplace Analysis
8. The Draft (Download a FREE COPY of a blank BABS roster Excel spreadsheet)
9. BABS in Auctions
10. BABS in Snake Drafts
11. BABS in Keeper Leagues
12. BABS in Leagues with Alternative Rules
13. BABS In-Season
14. And so…

(Note that The BABS Project does not include player ratings or ranking sheets for the upcoming season. This book is intended as a reference tool. Complete BABS ratings and rankings are available online with membership to

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The BABS Project: Uncovering the Truth About Winning at Fantasy Baseball:

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